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Dhs. 220.00
The Arabi Kandora white edition lends sophistication, style and a unique experience derived from the Emirati culture and tradition. This ready-to-wear Kandora leaves you looking  elegant and in vogue for your kid .
الكندورة العربي ذات اللون أبيض تضفي الرقي والأناقة وتجربة فريدة مستمدة من الثقافة والتقاليد الإماراتية. يتركك هذا الكندورة الجاهزة للارتداء بمظهرأنيق وعصري لطفلك
F by Farada is a lifestyle traditional footwear brand born in the Emirates. We are recognized for diffusing the essence of classic Arabic tradition infused with fashion in our hand-crafted designs. We have you in mind when you're searching for a pair of well-crafted sandals that are smart enough for work and evenings, or if you’re looking for something more casual. Founded in 2010, F by Farada only uses premium leather to further guarantee the quality and value to all its loyal customers. Introducing the #myfarada personalization on the new fbyfarada website, we make it possible for our customers to extensively choose each detail of the sandal to their taste of perfection. Get Customizing now!